Encounters, Decisions, Probabilities, Coincidence?

Last Friday, nine ‘friends of wisdom’ (aka evening philosophers) came together @BBZB Lucerne for a new round of the “Philo-Circle”, including both students and teachers.


Following a brief ‘bonfire’ intro of the individual participants, we were chatting GPT like “Hitchhikers to the Galaxy”, wondering if Déjà-vues of the past, and the future could be signs of another Meta(physical) verse, if surprising human encounters were pure coincidence, or intentionally randomised puzzle pieces of some super-power AI, ‘Matrix’-type master plan.

Correspondingly, we have been sharing concerns on the longevity of continuous economic growth, due to aggravating scarcity of natural resources, let alone the potential consequences of ‘Altered Carbon’.


Additionally discussing the alarming relevance of Aldous Huxley’s dystopia, ‘Brave New World’, we found that even the most successful influencer would eventually get bored (to death) once he had gained a critical mass of passive income from posting ‘pool streams‘ and collecting personal data as a new currency, in line with Jordan Peterson’s ‘12 Rules For Life’.


After all 7.5 million years of computation time spent by ‘Deep Thought’, ‘42’ might not be the one and only answer to all questions, and failure might be the final key to the concept of happiness.


Finally, as long as fast food service bots would not make such a disinterested impression as some of the few remaining waitresses and the notoriously depressed robot ‘Marvin’, we came to the conclusion that there is every reason for hope, all the more as humour will be hardest to virtualize.


Last, but not least, a ‘hard core’ of the ‘Philo-Circle’ participants decided to call it a day at the ‘Restaurant at the End of the Universe’, already looking forward to the follow-up event scheduled 24th of March 2023 at Berufsbildungszentrum Bau und Gewerbe.


27.01.23 Björn F. Rath


Today's topics at a glance:

  • ChatGPT: Chances and threats
  • Begegnungen: "Wir müssen anderen begegnen, um uns selbst zu begegnen" (Charles Pépin, "Kleine Philosophie der Begegnung").
  • Finanzielle Freiheit, neue Arbeitsformen, Solopreneurship, Self Improvement (Jordan Peterson "12 rules of life")
  • Matrix, Metaverse: Gibt es im Metaverse Zufälle? Worin unterscheiden sich "einprogrammierte Zufälle" von echten Zufällen? Gibt es überhaupt Zufälle? 
  • "Die beste Version von sich selbst": Im Metaverse? Im "echten" Leben? "Das Glück liegt im Scheitern."

Der Philo-Zirkel ist ein interdisziplinäres Angebot der BM-Abteilung am BBZB Luzern. Er wird organisiert und verantwortet von der Fachschaft W&R unter der Leitung von Miriam Huwiler. Eingeladen sind aktuelle und ehemalige Lernende und Lehrpersonen. Gerne dürfen Freunde mitgebracht werden. Der Philo-Zirkel findet seit September 2022 statt und unsere Gruppe ist unterdessen auf gut 20 Personen gewachsen.

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